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Alan Holm


14th September 2004




This time around, we have special courses for grades 1 - 11. This will help children to acquire knowledge about animals and the environment. The courses are OBE compliant. Please book well in advance.




Junior Nature Conservation R 95.00 Per Child.

This five-day course is presented to Grade 7-11 learners.

The course provides an opportunity for learners to be acquainted with the animals in the Zoo. Learners will have the opportunity to work with conservators as well as our farm animals.

After completion of the course, learners may join the Zoo Club and work as volunteers at the Pretoria Zoo.

All children will receive a T-Shirt and a certificate.

English: 27 September – 01 October

Bookings are essential



Perks for Pets R 65.00 Per Child

The intention of this course for Grade 4-7 learners

Is to introduce skills for pet caring. Learners will learn how to feed, clean and look after their pet animals.

They will also learn about enrichment strategies to be used to enhance the health and life of animals to be kept as pet animals.

This hands on course will keep learners on their feet with different kinds of projects and fun activities.

After completion of the course learners will be presented with a certificate.

English: 28 September

Bookings are essential.




Baby Animals R 65.00 per Child

This new certificate course is especially planned for grade 1-3 learners.

Learners will have the opportunity to explore babies that are born in the Pretoria Zoo. They will learn how different animals reproduce.

Learners will acquire knowledge on the names of baby animals.

Learners will also learn about parental care of various animals.

This curriculum-orientated course will add up and clarify what learners learnt at school.

English: 30 September

Bookings are essential.



Mammals R 65.00 per child

This one day certificate course is offered to Grade 1-3 learners.

Learners will learn about the various types of mammals in the Zoo.

They will learn about the feeding of the mammals and the features that make them mammals. This practical course is designed to help learners understand uniqueness of mammals.

English: 29 September

Bookings are Essential.




For Bookings Contact

The National Zoological Gardens at:

Tel: 012 328-3265 or 328 6020

Fax: 012 328 3265 x 184 or 323 4540

For more information, please contact Armstrong Mashekeni at (012) 328 3265.

ISSUED BY: Leona Dukada

Tel: (012) 328 3265


And most important let’s not forget the SPCA.

They are always looking for volunteers to assist with the caring of their animals.

But most important is just that little bit of love an animal needs when they are alone and abandoned. You won’t believe how these pets respond to a little affection, and this assists the staff tremendously. Please contact them on 012 664 5644.


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